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Thread: Spring clean up

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    Talking Spring clean up

    So spring seems to be finally here , on Monday we had 26 celcius , yesterday snow at night and -2, but the sun is definitely out.....snow all melted away and clean up time.
    Getting ready for events coming up in May, running all the way till 18 oct.
    The two pedes will be in exhibition races along with other 1/10 and 1/8 trucks for fun and entertainment.
    the e-revo, i am preparing for the main class offroad 1/8 with the truggys, up to a max of 4s and anything on the truck

    Whats every one upto over the weekend
    Happy Easter for every one
    The family trucks...
    Live life to the fullest

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    I'am stacking 6 cords of wood.My son has to work so its going to be a long day this Saturday.

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