I am using an ipod touch 2nd gen with an older verion of link.

I am using it on a mini revo with the stock brushless system.

I had it working perfectly for motor temp, battery voltage and rpm/mph. I have NOT updated the system or ipod since it was working.

I wound up melting the spur gear due to loose slipper clutch. replaced it and now rpm doesnt work. Voltage and temp still work.

I replaced the rpm wire, still no good, I tried a diferant receiver, still no good. so its gotta be the magnet I guess????? its still magnetic so IDK how it can be bad..... YES I tried flipping the magnet over, the red dot has worn away.

I know the rpm / mph is kind aa gimmic and not acurate.... but I got all this $$ into it I wanna have it ALL work.