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    Brushless grave digger burning spur gears

    Has anyone had a problem with burning up spur gears on their stampede? Seems like I go through one a week almost. I'm running a 86t 19t with velenion brushless and 2a lipo. Thanks for any input you mite have

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    You may have to re-mesh your clutch. Also to ease up on the clutch adjust it between a 1/4 and 1/2 setting so that it does not jolt too much or wheelies to much.
    Another option is to to metal gearing or change to 32 pitch gears ( i have an eye problem so prefer that, easier for me to mesh)
    On the two pedes, both are 32 pitch, one is a metal spur and the other is plastic 54t (first, run a plenty of times on 2s geared 54/18 with no problems)
    To mesh properly follow the guidelines under your manual or put a piece of paper between the pinion and spur, it should roll between without tearing otherwise its to tight.
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    Either you're not setting a proper mesh or your motor isn't bolted down tight enough into the transmission case, if its not bolted down tight then it'll move the pinion around when you hit a small jump causing it to strip the spur gear. Happened to me a lot when I first got my rustler.

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    As everyone above has said, you gear meshing needs to be correct. Put a small piece of paper between the gears when you set the distance from your motor to your spur. I also like to put a very small amount of Lithium grease on the spur to cut down on the wear factor.

    Check that there isn't any "slop" or "movement" in the shaft that the spur is on. If there is, the bearings in the gearbox need replacing, and this can also be the cause of spurs getting chewed up prematurely.

    Another thing: If you buy pinions (say, cheap Chinese ones from ebay!) that state that they are the correct pitch, you may find, in the fullness of time, that they are NOT the correct pitch they claim to be. If the pitch is even slightly out, your Grave Digger will eat gears very quickly. And even if it's not 'quickly', over time, compared to your other trucks, you may realize that it's been thru more gears than it should have. Always buy Traxxas pinions to go with Traxxas gears. I own the 30th Aniv GD, I'm running 90T spur 16T pinion, 3000kv motor & 2S lipo, and I have yet to go thru ANY spurs, (granted, the one that's on there is getting quite 'sharp', and will probibly soon fail).
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    Adjust your slipper clutch correctly. It should slip for a few feet during take off. An overtightened slipper clutch with a bad gear mesh = a spur eating machine.
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