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    Nitro slash or slayer

    Which would be better for just messing around with and having fun? I'm also looking to have it setup as a pre runner, mostly looks, although it basically already is. I'm leaning towards more the slash because it's first of all cheaper and also 2wd is fun. But I like the slayer due to being a better, faster, more durable truck, that and like how it's a two speed.Note: I'm new to rc so don't judge! thanks!

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    I like my slayer pro. Its fun for just driving around. Have yet to take it to the track since I put some upgrades on it. I feel since the slayer is similar to the revo that there are more upgrades or personalization items you can put on your truck. Either truck you pick, you will have a rolling issue if you don't drive carefully. The sway bars for both models is highly suggested. I haven't driven along side a slash yet so I can't compare the 2. But if your not wanting to do the work of tuning and replacing so many parts then brushless slash4x4 is for you. Electric is the best way to get power and high speeds for less $ in the long run. I love nitro but the work is starting to get too me.
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    Depends on what you want to do and how you drive. The Slayer can be converted to a Revo easily should you want to go that route.
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    I just built a slayer and I could not be happier. ManDime posted exactly what I would say
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