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    traxxas LaTrax Teton 1/18

    Did this come out today? Does anyone have it yet? It looks like a pretty sick little machine! I originally bought the merv for my son thinking it would be a good little r/c car for him bought its a handfull, even for me! It looks like it might be more in his ballpark.

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    It was released last month i believe. A few people have them already on here.
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    Look on the previous posts. Lots of great ideas. For a child the stock battery and motor should be fine. For a little more fun you can upgrade the battery to a 2s lipo and replace the motor. The front shocks will probably need to be upgraded as well. It really is a matter of how hard you drive it. Lots of posts to show you what upgrades people have done. Enjoy
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    My son took the Teton out for the third time today - the first time on normal mode instead of training. Handling it seems to be no great challenge for an almost-six-year-old. So in stock config the Teton is definitely fine for kids, especially in training mode.

    Here's him driving it for the first time (in training mode):

    Incidentally, I had the mini e-revo already in a shopping cart at rcmart until I realized it was out of stock and ordered the much cheaper Teton instead.
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