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Thread: Brushless 3906

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    Brushless 3906

    I have had a thread in the brushed section for a while but since my E-Maxx has been brushless for a while I thought I would share what I have done in this section. Enjoy!

    Current parts list:

    Avid Bearings
    Castle Creations motor cooling fan
    Custom extended battery posts made by Blazerss (UE forums)
    Driveshafts: 3905-08 center cvds/LST XXL wheelshafts
    FLM 3905-08 Transmission adapter
    FLM Chassis Braces
    FLM Motor Mount
    Great Assembly Bulkheads front and rear
    Hobbywing SC8 WP with 2100kv 4-pole motor
    Hyper 7 Diffs w/ Unlimited Engineering Ultralite cases
    Lunsford titanium hinge pins
    Maximizer 3.2" 17mm 1/2 offset beadlock rims
    MBX6T Wing
    Newer Emaxx steering with servo saver built in / Part of a Hot Racing bellcrank
    Newer Emaxx Transmission w/RRP 22t pinion and 65t spur
    Proline 3.2" Mashers
    RPM Arms front
    RPM Center Skid
    RPM True-Track Rear
    STRC front steering knuckles machined for bigger bearings from EMAXXBRUSHLESS (Traxxas forums)
    Sweet Strobe braces front and rear designed by sweetride4me (UE/URC forums)
    Sweet wingmount also designed by sweetride4me
    T-Bone Racing Bumpers front and rear
    Tony's Screws used throughout the truck
    Traxxas 2.4GHz transmitter modded to 3 channel and waterproof receiver box
    Unlimited Engineering Knucklehead shock towers
    Unlimited Engineering Monoblock chassis extension
    Unlimited Engineering SuperShocks

    The only parts left to add are some custom aluminum posts to replace the plastic posts used to mount the reciever box and some custom shortened shock standoffs for the rear shocks. I will also more than likely be putting my Tekin brushless system from my truggy in this E-Maxx.

    A special thanks goes out to the following people:

    blazerss (Unlimited Engineering Forums)
    EMAXXBRUSHLESS (Traxxas Forums)
    sweetride4me (Unlimited Engineering Forums/URC forums)

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    That's a great looking truck--nice work!
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    Wow thru a few parts at her, looks good....
    Would you go flip my truck back over??

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