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    Got my MM2 installed today. Have a few ??'s

    First, WOW!

    Now, im running (2) 2s 7.4volt 25c 5000mah batteries wired in series. I know i need better batteries, but i've gotta stop buying for a little while and let the wife simmer down a bit...

    The truck is very fast with these batteries, but is this as fast as it will go? Will 3s 11.4 50 or 60c batteries wired in series make it faster? Or should i just get a pair of 2s 60c with a high mah rating to keep temps down? Im new to electric...

    I put the mm2 on a 3903 maxx i got from tower a few weeks ago, everything is stock except the batteries, shock towers (because i busted the rear yesterday) and motor/esc and i HAD to add a wheelie bar... even before the mm2 upgrade.

    Should i change anything else to accommodate the brushless setup?

    Lastly, can someone tell me some good "all round" setings for the castle link?

    Thanks in advance, Glad i got to join the brushless crowd!

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    If you are in wow with 4s, 6s will be super wow,,almost too much to handle, and prone to break more parts. IMO 4s is plenty for bashing, higher c rating packs should be better for the system. About the settings, you can rise the lvc a bit something around 3.4v, lower the breaks to 30-40%, and ad some punch control to it, to keep the drivetrain alive. I have no recommendations for the 3906 never had one, maybe other can do some input or visit the brushed forum.

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    Here's a few pictures. I have a set of 17mm revo tires and wheels to go on it, just waiting on the parts to convert it. My other shock tower will be here tomorrow.

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    Lowrhadur. You should give the Torque Limiting a shot. It is a lot better than punch control.
    It is not and violent on take offs compared to the punch control.
    The thread i started. I play with the torque limiting has all the info you need to set it up. Castle recommends that over punch control.
    Just trying to help.

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    Great that you have upgrade to mamba monster!
    How many tooth do you have on the motor gear and slipper clutch?
    I use stock slipper gear and 20t motor gear, its a beast on 4s!
    Have 2x2s 5000mh traxxas battery and i dont think they are to small because traxxas say it must be over 4000, they are not hot after hard use, just normal rom temprature that tell me they deliver enough power.
    6s will destroy almost every part except the motor and esc if you dont upgrade everything.

    I wonder what is the perfect slipper clutch adjustments, my car scream a bit for 1-2 sec, but it also take wheelie with just hitting the trottle, even if i maby have 15-20mph it will take wheelie, maby its to hard clutch or should it take easy wheelies?

    How is your clutch setup? Soft or strong?
    If you have use it brushed then you got a new car now! And when you change to 6s you got a new car again!
    Im not change to 6s before the truck soon needs new diff and driveshafts.. I think the 4s its also little hard to the driveline so 6s is to go over the line.. But sure extreme fun when it works :-)

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