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    Dont see alot of TRAXXAS Rig's Racing @ Local Off-Road tracks....

    The other Saturday Me & the Wife took a Ride to the Local Hobby Shop Off Road Track to See some Racing... "I am thinking of getting into Off Road Racing this year".... But after watching for a wile & walking around the Pit Area HARDLY anyone was Running TRAXXAS Rig's.... I was talking to a few of the RACERS & they said TRAXXAS Rig's are made for BASHING Around Local Parks / In Backyards & such. This is what Me & my wife do now go to the Local Park to run our stuff "Don't get me wrong we both love to do it"... But I amazed me to see NO TRAXXAS Rig's on the Track... OHH wait a few little kids where running 2WD short course Slash's.. There dad's where running Nitro Buggy & Truggy classes WOW the Buggy's & Truggys are FAST & WOW can they jump TOO... My Wife asked me WHY don't TRAXXAS make a BUGGY OR TRUGGY she said TRAXXAS is a Big name in R/C... A lot of the Racers say TRAXXAS is Good quality beginner level / to advanced level bashers & R/C'ers & people getting into the hobby of R/C's for the 1st time / & MOST stuff TRAXXAS makes is for BASHING & they do really well with there products in that area.. But on the other hand Most racers we talked to said TRAXXAS does not have Stuff designed for Off Road Racing... Just to name a few are "RACE QUALITY Designed for racing" LOSI & "TLR" / Tekno / OFNA / Hot Bodies / Koyoshio / A lot of racers we talked to say these names are a RACERS Top choices for RACING & also said a 1/8th SCALE NITRO BUGGY Starts @ around $799 & that's an RTR ready to hit the track But said most RACERS Start out with a Bare Bones Chassis & Go from there & said some RACERS put into there Rides Well into a few Thousand Bucks WOW & does it show" A lot of Racers Tell us when you get into Off Road Racing & Decide to do it on a every weekend basis like a lot of the guys do & some said they Travel to other tracks too ITS A DIFFRENT BALLGAME in OFFROAD RACING & they are Right on that Just seeing the Paint Job's Hi-Tech Radio's Tires WOW some guys where even changing engines for the MAINS... They also said nothing against TRAXXAS but they don't produce a Rig designed for Racing as of yet & wont hold up in a race... I think Traxxas should consider putting a 1/8th buggy or truggy on the market
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    This is my Slash racer

    LCG conversion
    HR aluminum transmission
    Big Bore shocks
    Aluminum castor blocks
    Aluminum carriers
    VXL 3s Motor/esc combo
    Aluminum turnbuckles and camber links
    Hi Tec steel gears servo
    COMING SOON STRC layshaft and AE slipper combo

    Sounds like you ran into a bunch of fanboys. Out of box there is no tougher basher on the planet TRAXXAS SLASH owns that department. With some $$ and some mods the slash can AND does run with anything on the track.

    Ive got a little over a grand into mine. Thing absolutely flys!!
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    I do wish traxxas would make something like an e-jato for racing/bashing if possible. That'd be a great upgrade over a rustler. I would also enjoy seeing a traxxas buggy but it would take so much. Imma get a jato roller soon and make an e jato out of it. I think it'd be fun to see that tear up the track.
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    At my track, the slash 2wd and 4wd are actually popular platforms. It's mainly those, and associated. A properly set-up slash 4x4 LCG is pretty hard to beat. I run one myself.

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    Short Coarse RC's is the only outdoor RC racing I'm seeing that Traxxas seems to be able to show face.... They ruled the Monster Truck circuit, but as you can tell, Monster trucks just are not as popular in the racing scene as it used to be.... ANd man do I miss that class of racing.... We would race Monster Trucks if 5 or more would show up on race day,,, seems I"m the only one showing up with his Monster Truck...

    Now indoors, I think the 1/16th Traxxas electrics seem to be doing pretty popular...

    Outdoor Offroad... I'ts Buggies, Short Coarse, and Truggies are what seems to be the classes I see racing the most and in that order by popularity...

    If Monster Trucks ever come back as a class I will be the first one in the drivers stand ready for qualifying!!!!
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