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    Castle 2200kv Stampede

    Just started building a stampede with some parts i have laying around
    Was just going to convert a slash lcg i had into a stampede'ie kinda truck but ended up doing this instead
    one thing i do miss working on my other 3 LCG rally's and slashes is that theres a lot more room for everything. i had to make a plate to mount the esc and also put two screws through the body into the receiver box as i couldnt really find a good place to mount it.
    other than that, i do like the smaller size of it, hopefully can handle some abuse!

    list of parts
    Castle mamba monster 2
    2200kv motor
    XO1 diffs
    revo HD slipper
    Alum hex nuts
    Hitec waterproof servo
    Axis body brace with alloy rod
    alloy motor mount with oversized bearing
    traxxas motor plate
    traxxas alloy shock towers
    traxxas metal driveshafts
    servo guard
    strc alloy steering arms
    + a few other bits n bobs

    a few things left to do
    get batteries as the ones from my revo / rally / xo1's / slash / spartan / summit etc etc dont fit! i have a few 4's ones coming this week
    add a heatsink and fan for motor
    add telemetry
    maybe get the extender hubs to make it a bit wider
    gtr shocks (not a fan of the stock ones - too skinny)

    any other suggestions ?
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