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Thread: New E-Maxx help

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    New E-Maxx help

    Hi all. I'm about to buy a new e-maxx 39085 and due to having to get everything shipped from overseas to New Zealand, I will be buying upgrades and replacement parts at the same time.

    I have been going through the endless amount of forums of peoples builds and suggestions etc and have built a list of what I *think* will result in a little beast with mainly RPM parts. If anyone could provide some feedback on what I have got right, wrong and what could be missing, that would be a HUGE help!!!!

    E-Maxx Brushless 39085

    RPM rear a-arm conversion - 80945
    rpm a-arm x2 - 80462
    rpm a-arm x2 - 80465
    rpm carrier x1 - 80582
    rpm carrier x1 - 80585

    RPM front bulkhead - 81065
    RPM rear bulkhead - 81075
    RPM bulkhead brace - 80155
    RPM front bumper - 80105
    RPM rear bumper
    RPM skidplate 3 piece - 80115
    RPM shock tower / adjustable mount x2 - 80165

    Traxxas CVD - 5451R

    Trencher 3.8 wheels - 116013

    Unlimited Engineering supershock kit - UE1020
    Includes springs - UE10126
    + Shock oil 60 to 70 wt

    Savox servos x2 - SC0251MG

    Batteries: I have read the endless pages on batteries and Hyperion G3 seems to be right up there. However there are different G3's so not 100% sure which ones I should get??

    Replacement parts:
    Pillow ball set screws 80010
    Bearing set 80570
    Hinge pin set 80970
    What are the most common things to go that I should get bulk of???

    Thanks so much in advance for any feedback!!!
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    If your going to keep the stock chassis I would think about getting some alum. chassis braces and alum. or ti skids. That will help keep it in one pc.

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    bulks and chassis are a weak link

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    Don't forget a good charger. I use the onyx 245 but wish I had went with something that had a storage feature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by malifunsta View Post
    What are the most common things to go that I should get bulk of???
    Body clip holders if you do not have any. Bound to lose and bend them up good after a good bash session, if done right. I got a bag of 100 of them for like $5-$10 on Ebay if I can recall correctly.
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    The EZ-Peak plus is a good charger. It has a storage mode. Just wish it had a bit more power.

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    Great. Thanks for the feedback. I have a Hyperion charger.

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