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    newbie to slayer. having trouble on first day. help me

    this is my first nitro, pick up a slayer nitro

    during the third tank of breaking in precedure, car stopped when i tried to start back on

    wheels were trying to go forward eventhough everything is in neutral,,

    so i pick up the car to start the engine, it starts but wheels are spinning, but when i tried to put it

    on the ground, engine shuts off....

    and i have no idea what the problem is..

    help me guys

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    Clutch and/or spring are broken at the flywheel.
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    Yup what double g said, the clutch spring is broken.
    Take off the e-clip on the clutchbell to take it off, and you should see your problem.
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    +1 to that ^

    Nitro is fun. I enjoyed my slayer pro but it kept sucking up my money so I had to trade that for electric. Its noticeably cheaper.
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    wow..thanks guys...
    spring was the answer....
    spring was broken and now its rocks

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