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    First Traxxas... so much fun!

    Hey everyone,

    Shaun from Boston here. Up until yesterday, the only RC I did was helicopters (3D flight), but was drawn to Traxxas after watching my brother tear around with his Slash Ultimate.... which then of course lead me to buying a Rally. Received it yesterday, through a 2s lipo in, and had a blast. Its quick and agile!

    I've already got the important mods coming in tomorrow: aluminum motor mount, bearing conversion, and a chassis brace.

    What I'm confused about is wheels. I keep seeing people say they have the 17mm hex conversion. What exactly does that do? Just widen the options of wheels to put on?

    I really like the looks of the Banditos that I've seen here. Could someone let me know exactly what size I need if I do not have the 17mm conversion... or is that a necessity to run these?

    Thanks for your time!

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    17mm adapters give a larger range of wheels to use. Instead of using just sct wheels you can use buggy, monster truck, gt8, wheels ect... If your upgrading already and don't plan on racing this competitively you should get 17mm adapters first in my opinion. That way you don't buy banditos in one size and then want to upgrade later. 17mm adapters are pretty affordable and there are lots of company's that make them for this platform.

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    Honestly, if you're going to get 17mm adapters you should go ahead and get tekno or mip driveshafts and their dedicated 17mm adapters. Chances are you'll want to upgrade those anyways and the traxxas adapters will not fit. Tekno gets my vote, less weight and I prefer their adapters.

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    I like the 17mm adapters as it allows me a wider range of wheels and tires with the lower profile look, rather than life preserver tires

    As for Adapters, I personally like the Traxxas TRA6856X. I own STRC, Integy and MIP ones. The TRX are the best in my mind, as well their TRX6851/2R CVD's are one of the best options out there. You can also go stronger and get the whole XO-1 6mm CVD, with Aluminum hubs, blocks and holders. It a great upgrade path that's cost effective as well.

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