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    Question about wheels/wheel base

    Hey all,

    So I ended up going with the Banditos mounted on black SCTE 4x4 rims (12mm). Problem now is that I believe the wheels sit to close to the chassis. The wheelbase is now narrower, causing the Rally to tip over relatively easy.

    I've adjusted the shocks to the best of my ability, but even looking at the wheels you can tell they sit to close inside. Is there a way to adjust and/or an adapter to push them out? Or did I purchase the wrong wheels and I'm SOL?

    EDIT: before anyone mentions, I understand that these tires grip pavement better which will cause it to roll, but this is rolling way to easy. As as I said above... it's visually obvious the wheelbase is much narrower now.

    EDIT #2: So I've realized that the offset is incorrect on the rims I purchased. Do they sell pre-mounted banditos (12mm, not looking for 17mm conversion) with the correct offset?
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    I see you can get them premounted, however only for the SC10 or SCTE, those are competition based SC trucks that have different offsets from the Slash.

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