Well, I had a merv that had been sitting up on a shelf for a while, the build is around here somewhere. I bought it for my son and he bashed it hard and lost his interest when I bought him a rock racer. I got tired of seeing it collect dust so I got to thinking maybe I'll trade it since I know it's gonna be hard to sell this thing without taking a real big hit so I traded for a gmade R1 knowing I could get rid of it quick. I did some cheap upgrades to it to make it more appealing and within 5 minutes of putting it up at my local RC trader somebody offered me a 4x4 LCG Slash. After looking it over for a few minutes I thought I'd be crazy to pass it up. This is the parts list:

Tekno RC Big Bone Center Driveshaft & Outdrive Kit
mip x-duty rear cv shafts
Traxxas Steel Front Driveshafts TRA6851R
Savox 1268 Servo
Castle 5700kv motor
King Headz Motor mount
Traxxas Aluminum Castor blocks
RPM A Arms
Proline evo 2 body
STRC shock towers
Integy shocks

Some pics:

I've toyed with the idea of converting it into a Rally but I see so many people converting their rally's into slash's it's got me thinking twice. We'll see how that goes. One thing I would like to do is do the 17mm hex conversion but this thing came with MIP's in the rear and Traxxas CVD's in the front. I've read Traxxas 17mm hexes have issues with MIP cvd's, can anyone let me know how true that is? Would it be easier to just go Traxxas CVD's in the rear as well? Also, if any one would like to chime in on anything that would be worth while to change or add on I'm all ears.

I'd also like to hear about what tires everyone has had good luck with bashing.

The Slash is one of those rigs I've looked at but never really considered but I have to say now that I own one it's got me excited to drive it. This thing is beautiful.