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Thread: 8200 lipos

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    8200 lipos

    I have a traxxas EZ-Peak plus charger and noticed it only goes to 6 amp....I just got a set of Lipos from SPC Racing 2s2p 50c 8200mah batteries and am wondering what I should have it set at for the amps as the charger only goes to 6 amps or do I need a different charger to charge these

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    6a. they are capable of charging at 16.4a

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    That charger will charge fine. You set the amperage to how long you want it to take. For example 8000 Mah lipo will take 2 hours charging at 4 amps.
    So 6 amps with an 8200 Mah lipo will charge and balance fully in (+ or -) an hour and 30 minutes. More amperage means you can charge in less time.
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