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    Question Question: What happens if your slipper clutch is too tight (or too loose)?

    Hey guys,
    I was just doing some regular truck tuneups the other day and I remembered that my truck was slipping (not a lot, but more than I like it too.) I tightened it up a few turns, and then put everything back together. And then I thought, what happens if the slipper clutch is too tight or too loose? Can you guys answer me?
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    The slipper is designed to save either the engine or motor. In the case of an electric motor, it lessens the strain on the motor with WOT (wide open throttle) which will do a number on the motor... Tightening the slipper will increase your acceleration but will put more strain on your motor in acceleration. It will also save your motor or gears in the event of a crash to keep from stripping the gears.
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    Tight slipper will put more stress on the whole driveline, while being more fun, harder acceleration.. wheelies. Ect. Loose slipper will make hard launches more controlable as long as it isnt too loose. I believe traxxas recommends it just loose enough that the truck slips for the first 2 feet or so under full throttle from a stop.

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    Too lose will cause alot of heat and even smoke.(atleast on the 1/10 rwds) and on the older nitros it will strip the sides of the spurs, ruining it.

    To tight can result in more fun, but drivetrain stress
    and premature failure. Basically its like driving in dirt and on concrete, concrete being tight.
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    You WILL break drive shafts with a tight slipper clutch.

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    I have no problem with a very loosely set sipper works good and no breaking!

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    loose slipper will melt your spur.

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    A slipper set too loose will overheat and bad thinks can happen

    A slipper set too tight will put more stess on the drivetrain (Driveshafts, Diffs...) and will cause those components either to break or wear more easily.

    To find the sweet spot the slipper should slip a couple of feet at hard acceleration on non slipping surface such as carpet.

    The vehicle should not pop a wheelie but the front tires can pull off the ground a couple of inches before the slipper kicks in.

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