Running the stock castle ESC/Motor in My 1/10 E-Revo, but a Flysky FS-GT2B remote and reciever. I am running 4s, and I turn the remote, then the esc on, and the ESC counts the lipo cells then keeps blinking all three LEDs repeatedly without any acknowledgement that I am throttling and steering on my remote. I heard that I need to rebind the reciever and controller, but only the controller has a bind button, and recailbrating the ESC failed too (it wouldn't recognize my remote).

Anyone know what I can do? This is probably an easily fixed problem but you never know what happens when you buy stuff from ebay...

This is a video of what I'm talking about

ESC is plugged into CH4 (VCC) and bind plug is in CH3 (BIND).

I turn on the car with that configuration, hold the bind button on my remote then switch the remote on and the reciever turns solid red and the remote blinks green. Nothing works.

P.S. The way that FlySky says to bind the reciever to the remote works, but the ESC isn't doing anything besides repeatedly telling me that:

"speed control is not receiving a valid signal from the receiver, usually indicates the receiver wire is plugged in backwards into the receiver; possible problem with controller or with throttle channel on receiver."

by flashing all colors.