this is with my yellow Alias...
new gears, bearings, main shafts, even the screws were put in new when I built this. it is running first run stock Traxxas motors that are also brand new. no crashes of any kind.
it fly's perfectly fine. great control, responsive and agile, very smooth and stable. the first three flights I did on this one went from just above 6 minutes to just below 7, which I expected they would be. tonight, I flew three batteries. it flew perfectly as before, but the LVC alarm is now going off at 3 minutes or less and I cant figure out why?
what I know is that it isn't a battery issue. I took two of the batteries and recharged them, flew my red Alias and got 8:30 and 8:19. I know it isn't a transmitter issue because I use the same transmitter for both of the quads. when I checked one of the batteries after landing the yellow one, it read 4.04V indicating that the LVC went off before it should have? I didn't look at the mah used, sorry, wasn't thinking about that when I saw the voltage still so high after only 3 minutes of flight time. I flew both quads with the light bar on, so that cant be it either.

could the telemetry in the board itself maybe have developed an issue? I know that with it being painted, there is additional weight, but since it got over 6 minutes on the first three flights, I cant believe that suddenly, the extra weight from the paint is now a problem when it wasn't before?

I guess my next step is to fly it two more times, check voltage, and see how many mah's were used. if I find that voltage and mah's are substantially higher than I have seen in other flights... am I looking at a board gone bad?