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    Slash VXL 2WD differential issue

    So as of yesterday, my car barely moved, and the engine would rev super high. I thought maybe a screw was loose so I opened up the transmission for the first time, and made sure everything was in order. The input shaft wasn't missing a pin, so I tightened everything back up and it still did the same thing. So now my question is, how do I tell if my diff is bad? I am pretty good mechanically, I just don't know what I am looking for. This is the first time I have ever dug this deep into my car (only a week old).


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    Try to tighten the slipper nut...
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    yeah like rag said, it sounds like the slipper might be loose. tighten the nut right off your spur and see if that does it. if it works, you might need new slipped pads. an easy fix.
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