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    Accelorometer reset

    I found it once, but now am unable to figure out how to reset the accelerometer. I guess this is what I need to do.

    Having burned out the first four sets of Alias motors in a very short time, I've purchased a set of motors from Micro-Motors. All motors spin in the correct direction, but it pulls to one side or another. It's like one motor is stronger than the rest.

    I've become disappointed in my purchase of this Quad. I did a lot of reading before I made my decision, but I may have been wrong.

    All I want is a machine that does what it's supposed to do; fly.

    I know how to reset the control, but do not remember about the accelerometer. I know you hold down the throttle till something comes up on the left upper control window, but not the rest.

    Please, if you can help me, I'd love to go flying today.

    Thanks, Gary

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    This is the video on exactly how to calibrate the accelerometer. This is on the LaTrax website, a very valuable resource.

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