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    Why do you lock threads?

    First off I have over 50 hard flights on my Alias on the original OEM motors. No complaints.
    I've crashed lots slammed it into trees, buildings you name it..."keeps on ticking" I do shut down the throttle at the last seconds before a crash is imminent. I also have a few spare motors for the "just in case".

    This is a sport where failure is going to happen...Not if but when. I accept that. I also understand that all will not be so lucky and could have problems. c'est la vie

    But it seems as soon as something negative happens and people start to discuss it on here.... the thread gets locked. So people might vent more than others...Hey maybe I would complain too if I just put out over $150 and only got a few flights...
    But do you really think but locking the thread you are solving anything. What happen to "freedom of speech" as long as it it done in a respectfully way.
    Stop locking threads just because they are not positive. It is not good for Traxxas and will only have a detrimental effect in the end.
    Or go ahead and lock this one too.
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    Many reasons for closing or even deleting threads. Pointless complaining, such as this, is not allowed. Yes, we get the point that the motors had some issues and many of us mods have expressed our concerns about it too. Threads do not get locked simply because they are not positive but rather nothing constructive comes out of it.
    As for the "freedom of speech" it is apparent that you don't understand the difference between private and public. Traxxas pays for this forum. We don't pay to sign up, we don't prove that we own a Traxxas-made item so therefore it is free to anyone that wants to join. Therefore, what Traxxas say goes. I cannot go into your house and start blasting you and your family and then cry "what about my freedom of speech?!" as you throw me out. Same goes here. This is a private forum and there are plenty of other places that are more lenient.4
    Complaints regarding the moderation of the forum can go to the administrator. Posting things such as this does not make your case any easier.
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