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Thread: shock towers

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    shock towers

    do I need to upgrade the stock shock towers or are they good? also, do they break often and do I need one on hand? thanks

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    I have only broken one. That was on my p4de when I also totaled the rest of the suspension.
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    I've put my truck through more than I thought I ever could and it just comes back for more. I've broken 1 arm (then upgraded to rpm up front) and that's it the slash 4x4 is a very very tough truck and very well designed. Mines a platinum though so already has some of the aluminum hop ups like hubs and carriers front and rear
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    I have read that it is a bit soft so for racing you might want to change it to keep the suspension angels constant.

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    The only time I have had to replace a stock shock tower was when one of my trucks was run over by a UPS truck. I had the New Era rollbar on it and the only damage was the shock towers.
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