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    Traxxas rally new to me!

    Hey everyone I just got a used traxxas rally! The thing is fun but I just tore it down to do a rebuild of bearings and possibly differentials. Also I will be ordering a new chassis in order to dye it black.

    I was wondering what kind of mods or upgrades you guys would consider a good direction to go. It'll be some what of a shelf queen but I would love to be able to bash on it when the desire arises.

    What metal parts, if any, and what brands would you recommend.

    Also I have a mm2 and a cc 2650kv motor that will be going in there as soon as the rebuild is done. I will post pictures up as I progress but I want to get this car done right.

    It will mainly be an on road car but I don't want to lose the rally capabilities as well. Let me know your thoughts.

    I have read humays and vipers thread and found a lot of good info on there as well.

    Thanks everyone!

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    I would suggest that you get all of the aluminum parts that come on the Ultimate and Platinum edition Slash 4x4's. Top that off with a King Headz motor mount and some Mip X-Duty cv axles and you will have a good strong Rally.
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    Congrats, You are on the way.

    Get an aluminum motor mount and aluminum bearing adapter. I like the Hot Racing ones, just because they look nice and are build as good as the rest. For the adapter the standard TRX 6893X one will do.

    Get the XO-1 aluminums and CVD shafts from dollarhobbyz. For ~$135 you get all the upgraded aluminum carriers, steering blocks, bearings and 6mm CVD shafts. It really is the best way to go for price and for functional quality. Configured like that you will need to chose either the 17mm hubs as listed below, or the 12mm Traxxas hex adapters that fit the XO-1 6mm spindles, if you wan tto keep using your OEM wheels.

    Those are the major items. After that, it's what ever catches your fancy.

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    You don't need a new chassis to dye it black, you can just dye the one that you already have. For on road I would recommend using 17mm hubs and Sweep GT wheels/tires

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