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Thread: What you think?

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    What you think?

    So in a long strand of stupidity of being 14 I ended up with a destroyed 4tec that came NIB to me. Well so 4 years later I now have a job so I decided to repair and replace what was lost/broke. This is as of, well right now. Now with n4tec arms to make the 200mm body fit well. What do you think, and what motor/esc do you guys suggest for this? As you can probably guess, I just threw in a random esc and motor (turned out to be the stock stinger, was an Orion 27t) Looking to go brushless and lipo, which brings up another question, what battery do you guys use that fits in the battery compartment? Thanks.

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    Any "Shorty" style pack should fit well in it. Use foam spacers to take up the space.

    As for the motors and ESC's, are you driving competitively, or just for fun?

    If in competition, check for rules under ESC's and motors. It should be under "approvals".

    If just for fun, any 550 or 540 sized motor will work.
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    As for your question about batteries, I have a venom 5000 mah 2 cell that fits with out a problem. I got a mamba monster 5000 kv in mine and the belt rubs alil.

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