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    Cool Oil heating up and leaking?

    Quote Originally Posted by pro mod steve View Post
    Just a basher here HCG dirt only. I bought these less than a year ago and they leak at shaft. Not bad but they do leak. I have rebuilt them twice so far and am tired of topping off shock oil. I had big bores and THOUGHT I upgraded to the Pro Line. Any one have an answer? No I did not call pro line YET.
    Maybe the oil is heating up from long periods of time and losing viscosity causing leaking? Just a thought what are the weather conditions being rand and for how long? At what weight?

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    I know I am late to the party but let me add my $0.02! I have had just about every brand name shock. Powerstroke shocks leak! I couldn't do anything to stop them from leaking. I happily replaced them with GTR shocks.
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