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    Auto-detectable sensors?

    I was wondering if we can have more information about them:

    6526 Temperature Sensor, Auto-Detectable

    6527 Voltage Sensor, Auto-Detectable

    What's the difference with the old ones?
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    i've been wondering the exact same thing
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    What is it? Like a wireless thing?

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    It's like a microchip that lets the telemetry expander recognize what is being plugged into it, therefor you can have two temperature sensors or more like i have plugged into any ports and a voltage sensor. It's just so that you can choose what sensors you want other than one selected port for a temperature sensor or voltage. Does that explain it enough...

    And with the telemetry expander, it says in all bold, capital letters !!!WARNING!!!! DO NOT USE THESE PORTS with an arrow pointing to the two standard telemetry ports on the TQi Receiver.

    So to answer any further questions on the old telemetry sensors, you CAN NOT use them with the telemetry expander. It's required that you get the ones that are auto-detectable....

    Each sensor is only $14 so not so bad, and they work great. I have one temp sensor on my motor and one on my esc.
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    Are the new sensors 4 wire that go to the expander ?

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    I have the expander pack & GPS - the GPS speed sensor is awesome. But I can't get my 2 other auto sensors to work. Any body know how to install them correctly ? I though it was supposed to be simple.

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    Okay. I have the telemetry expander. Has the gps chip installed.
    - on the app in the garage telemetry section for speedometer does the source for you guys setup read Telemetry expander or does it read as mine and say receiver / gps. (I get speed readings but sure how accurate) shouldn't the speed dial move when u have car on blocks and test it by accelerating?
    - as far as my smart temp sensor which have installed around my motor I am still getting nothing. It's in the expander also. In the app garage section it just reads as Source receiver.

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    it will show up as Receiver/GPS.
    As for speed reading while on blocks with wheels turning but the car actually not moving, well that will depend on if you have an RPM sensor installed, how your Speed Source Priority is set and if you have a GPS Sat lock (green GPS symbol on top of the Link app). With GPS priority and Sat lock you won't get any speed indication unless your vehicle with the GPS receiver is actually moving.
    As for the smart temp sensor not working, check your wiring and plugs between the receiver and the expander (should be ok if your GPS is actually working but never hurts to check anyways). Also check that the temp sensor is correctly connected. Power up the transmitter, then the receiver, then start the TRX link app. Go to Garage --> Telemetry Setup and see if the temp sensor shows up ( should say something like Expander Slot Ax as source ). Hit refresh if it still doesn't show up.

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