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    Summit on Lipo's

    It says in my manual that you should not use lipo's in wet conditions! Does this mean that they are not waterproof?

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    It isn't recommended to submerge the LiPo's in water or any other liquid, but they wont blow up or something like that if they get a little wet on the outside. My LiPo's always get a little wet in the battery trays (river crossings, wet grass) and they are absolutely fine.

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    Getting the lipos wet will not hurt the cells themself because they are sealed. The only problem you may have is your connections will corrode.

    I have a Traxxas Spartan and my lipos were submurged for 20+ minutes on one occasion and they are doing just fine. I did have to do surgery on one of them recently to replace the balance plug and wires but I have been running them all winter long in my summit and they were wet every time

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    +1 to ttypedan

    If it's fresh water you're usually just fine, salt water will very quickly destroy batteries.

    After getting the packs wet you want to let them dry thoroughly and shake out as much water from inside as you can. Then drop them into a plastic bag with uncooked white rice and seal them up. Just like in a salt shaker the white rice will absorb the moisture overnight, drying the internals out and helping prevent corrosion.

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    Thanks, but does this apply to my nicle met hydrides (sorry about the spelling) as we or only lipo's and what is better for a summit lipos or nimh?

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    Water is bad for any RC battery pack that I know. Why? Due to corrosion potential and it does not matter if the water is salt based or fresh water. Corrosion will take place any time there are three components in place:

    1. Dissimilar metals.
    2. Oxygen
    3. An electrolyte (water with any minerals in reasonable amounts present)

    Also, just because LiPo cells are designed to be sealed and just because the factory makes a good attempt at sealing the cells, believe me when I say this - they are not all sealed perfectly!!!

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