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Thread: fiesta build

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    Alrighty guys;
    Even the motor has gone the way of the dinosaur. Shows what I get for leaving 3 kids under 10 alone with it outside, without telling them not to touch. So it overheated, and did the RC equivalent of seizing. BUT:
    Today was payday, a little more than 200 bucks, with more on the way. So it's time for an upgrade.

    Lipos: traxxas or another brand? I think 2200 was the max for 2s on on the 1:16ths. What is the size for 3s?

    Motor/ESC: sidewinder and motor combo, found a cheap one for 95 (ITS A COMBO!!!)

    Gearing: here is where I get lost. Stock is probably not going to work. But we'll see, any inputs would be welcome

    Any other parts I'm missing?
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    I run 15T pinion with 55 spur, flipped tranny for drifting.

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