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    Exclamation NiMH 3000mah slow to discharge! 5hours and going!!

    I got my traxxas summit yesterday and so I charged my battery today and then I started to discharge it so it is brand new. I set it to discharge at 1 amp and leave 0.9volts per cell. It started at 9.6 volts and has now dropped to 8.4 but as you may know it is a 3000mah so should only have 8.4! Can anyone explain this and why it is taking so long, maybe it happens to all new batteries.
    Thanks any help much appreciated

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    Not sure what you mean by "it is a 3000mah so should only have 8.4".

    The 8.4v is completely independent of the 3000mah. At .9v per cell x 7 cells the charger should turn off when the pack hits 6.3v. That's the voltage under load though, so when it is taken off the discharger the voltage will recover somewhat. Nominal voltage for the battery is 8.4v, but it will charge up higher than that and usually be lower than that when fully discharged.

    At 1 amp discharge rate a fully charged 3000mah pack should take about 3 hours to fully drain.

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