Hey folks!

I just recently got into RC as a hobby, and I've found myself developing an addiction to my quadcopter. I've been flying a LaTrax Alias for around two weeks and I found that I have become proficient in all that it has to offer, so I decided to pick up some upgrades for my new collection. As far as the upgrades go, I picked up a Traxxas EZ-Peak 6amp charger as it'll charge anything I have now, and should also cover any future upgrades.

The stock Alias adapter has been quite sufficient for some time, but I like to watch the charging process and I've seen mentions that it's not recommended to use anything other than the stock adapter. After a full charge with the stock adapter, I wanted to take a peak at the voltage, so I hooked it up to the EZ Peak and it reported 4.22V.

My first question... Is overcharging by .02V dangerous to the battery, and could it potentially result a fire? The battery has not overheated even slightly while charging and capacity doesn't seem to be diminished in any way.

Eventually, I decided to give the EZ Peak a shot at charging the Alias battery and was impressed. On normal charging mode, it cut 4-5 minutes off of the charge time, and in fast charge, closer to 10 minutes. I think it's worth mentioning that charging the Alias battery with the EZ Peak did not result in a voltage over 4.20V, whereas the stock adapter has consistantly charged to 4.22V. Again, after a test flight, no noticeable difference in performance or capacity, but what I did notice is that the EZ Peak reports feeding the battery close to 700mAh of power, while the battery capacity is only 650. Is this variance normal?

Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks and best regards!