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    Talking lipo

    i don't know the difference between 25C 10000mah lipo 30C 10000mah lipo. What does the C mean

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    C is involved with the safe/capable discharge rate of the battery. It is also somewhat a reflection of the quality of the lipo itself. A higher C battery will hold it's voltage better and be capable of discharging more power under load.

    C x Ah = Amps
    So, in theory, a 25C 10,000 mAh battery can safely provide 250 continuous amps. A 35C 10,000mAh would be 350 amps.

    Your vehicle and motor/ESC combo will determine what mAh and C level battery you should get.

    For example, let's say the stock velineon motor pulls 80 amps on full throttle acceleration. You would need a battery that can provide 80 amps to be safe. That would be a 4000mah 20C. But, it would be a strain on that lipo to provide the 80 amps cleanly and at peak voltage. A higher C rated battery would be able to push those 80 amps out easier, keeping voltage higher and power output stronger. That results in snappier acceleration. The higher C isn't necessary, but it helps.
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