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    Question Slash 4x4 Lipo problem

    Hi, I just got a Venom Lipo battery. It is a 2S 5000MAH 40c battery. Previously, ive only used NIMH batteries and i heard that Lipo batteries had an overall longer run time and more power. So I charged the battery with my Traxxas EZ Peak Plus charger and went to use the battery the next day and car didnt even turn on. So, I put it back on the charger and saw that each cell was at its max voltage. I have no clue why the battery isnt working and it kind of bums me out cause I was really looking forward to using it. Also, I have a few questions.

    1.) Is this battery a big enough one to power my car?

    2.) How much power and run time with this give my slash 4x4? ( It would be nice to be able to do a wheelie )

    3.) What Lipo battery would you recomend I use?


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