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    Battery questions for Dummies™

    So, before I forget to mention this. I should add that these questions pertain more to the EZ starter for Nitro and not really batteries for racing per say.

    So, I bought a battery charger about 14 years ago. It's a 1 amp trickle charge at 35-75mA and a 5 amp fast charge. Because of its age, it was meant to charge NiCd batteries. So, is it still possible to use it to charge LiPo batteries too or am I going to need a more modern charger to charge a newer battery?

    I realize that because this is only for starting a truck and not racing, I'm not going to need the top of the line battery. However, I am curious about the battery capacity rating. If I get a 3600mah battery vs. a 1800mah battery, will it only carry a longer charge for more starts or will I get better peak performance too? The battery I have now is 14 y/o too so its ability to put out has diminished. So, I have to put a glow plug warmer on to use the EZ starter to turn over the motor; it is too much of a stain on it to try to do both right now. I also realize that battery technology has improved over the years as well so they have a much better plateau before losing output now. While I am sure a 1800 is all I really need but would I get a longer battery life and better starting with a 3600?

    Please and thank you for all of your answers.

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    The Lipo would blow up on that charger, I would get the Traxxas 6amp peak plus.
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    If the battery you are looking at has the balance plugs, you could get the cheap cheap traxxas charger

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    I have 8400mah lipos . 1.) when not in use what is best storage method , just charging bag ? In paper towels in a container in fridge ?? 2.) when you balance charge them at 6 amps will it it enough when using ez peak plus ?
    Any help would be great thanks

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    Is there any special reason you want a lipo to power an EZstart as far as i know there is no reason for a lipo for that application you could buy an inexpensive nimh for that and it would be percectly fine.
    If i am wrong please let me know.
    Also if you use a lip wouldn't you have to discharge it to storage voltage after each days use?
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    New to this whole idea of RC and getting into it to spend time with the kids without a TV involved! Just bought to 7.4 7600 2 cells and an Ez Peak Plus. When I set it up to charge 6 amp and 7.4 volts I immediately get "Battery Check Over Voltage". Since the instruction manual isn't worth the paper its written on...could anyone give me a hint as to what I'm doing wrong?

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