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    New - Old Lipo Question...

    I am newbie to emaxxs' and lipos. I just got an old 3906.
    In an effort to improve batteries, I thought I was buying 2 2s lipos from ebay. Seller must have confused inventory, because I received two 3s 11.1 batteries.

    I know I cant use them as they are with the stock esc (orange novak 14.4 unit). I have heard I can use them if I wire the batteries in parallel - meaning - using a jumper on the non bec side.

    Does anyone have experince doing this?

    From my understanding I would increase Mah, but in parallel I would keep the c rating and voltage of on battery - which is actually ideal, since I am really looking for run time.

    I appreciate the input... Dan

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    I wouldn't do it, 3s only has 12.6V, The 14.4V on the esc is a nominal rating running a pair of 6cell nimh giving at least 16.8V, then you'll need alarms and just too much hassle for what you'll get out of it.
    Return the batteries or sell on.
    If not you can always try it.
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