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    slipper clutch/braking

    I've come across many threads on the slipper and many on weak brakes for the 2wd slash but haven't found the answer to my question. I just rebuilt my transmission and am now noticing the weak brakes I've read about. My slash stopped on a dime before the rebuild and not so much now. I'm wondering if the slipper clutch is the culprit. My thought is it was set tight from the factory and that's why my gears got stripped. Now that I have it set a little loser it's not stopping so quick. Am I on the right track here?

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    The weak brake issue I encountered was directly related to the brushed xl5 esc. The electronic brakes were just not that strong out of the box. A very loose slipper could be the culprit being that you had good brakes before and softer brakes after adjusting the slipper.
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