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    Spartan+Traxxas Telemetry=Cool

    I got my Telemetry Expander and GPS Module from Traxxas last week. I have had the basic Telemetry in my boat, being able to monitor my boats engine temps and battery voltage. Now though, I can also monitor my boats battery and ESC temps. The speed GPS thing I didn't really need, but thought it would be nice to have since I can see my speed with my other Traxxas goodies.

    Anyway, my goal here (when thinking on how I wanted to install this to my boat) was; I didn't want to give up the convenience of how my batteries went in/out, and how the electronics tray came out/in for maintenance.

    The way Traxxas wants you to install the telemetry components; you would have to loop/un-loop your temp sensors every time you did a battery change, and when you took your Electronics Tray out you would have to basically uninstall your Telemetry Expander Module with most of your smart sensors.

    The first thing I did was to mod two Temp Smart Sensors. This mod didn't effect the temp sensing abilities of the sensor at all. I tested the sensor before/after the mod. The mod consisted of closing the loop, adding Velcro to the circuit module, and adding a connector. (if need be, you can get wired connectors which are easier to solder in than what I did here with soldering my own connectors) Also, I used the factory cable set-ups with motor temp and voltage sensing.

    Next, I cut/cleaned an area on my boats battery trays that would allow me to mount my Smart temp Sensors. (before)

    (after) I use aluminum speed tape to secure smart temp sensor. When done, black cushion and sensor are both flush.

    Next, I mounted my Telemetry Expander Module. I didn't use the Traxxas mount, because I wanted an easy/fast way of getting my Electronics Tray out/in. I didn't want to have to unscrew additional screws when wanting to do maintenance. Thus, ruining the factory convenience of the Electronics tray.

    Also, pictured are the positions of the two Velcro strips I used for helping to position/secure Smart Sensor circuit boards in my boat. Each board has been numbered as to the position it is placed in the Telemetry Expander.

    The next two picture show the cable run of my Telemetry Expander Comunication Cable, ESC Smart Temp Sensor Cable, and my original Motor Telemetry Sensor Cable.

    Here you can see where I cut a "C" hole. This allows you to store and remove cables when needed, and to keep cables free/clear from motor.

    And Finally shown, is a picture of being able to disconnect my battery Smart Temp Sensor, and a full picture of my completed Telemetry Mod. (my plugs will be water proofed later)

    With this set up, I can monitor/set alarms for my motor, ESC, Battery 1/2, and see what my boats' speeds look like. When I need to do a battery change, My battery change is as easy as before; and when I want to do maintenance, all I have to do is undo my batteries 2 Smart Temp Sensor connectors, and pull by Electronics Tray (as was before with the 2 screws) along with my Expander Module from its' Velcro base.
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    Wow! You have a lot of ideas, I'll follow your path again, thanks for your amazing talent, you make the spartan a bullet proof now, prone to possible damage especially the heating problems. 😎
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    Congratz i gave in after waiting 2 years for the GPS to be released

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