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    Newbe wanting to charge my NIMH's correctly

    Hi guys, my first post and I have done some searching before posting.

    I have just bought a second hand e-maxx and so have now bought two packs of 8.4v NiMh 3800mAh.

    I have also bought the [a] Charger and I would like to charge both packs together in series using a cable that I have bought.

    The charger is capable of charging at many voltages, amps and has a timer but I am not sure how to calculate what I need to set it to do as I am connecting the packs in series.

    My thoughts are as they are in series, it is like having a single 14 cell battery at 16.8V and 7600mAh - is this the correct assumption? If it is, what would be the ideal charging cycle if I am not in a rush between each use but want to extend the life of the packs?. What I mean is that I am happy to wait overnight for any discharge/charge cycle to complete if that helps the batteries. If it makes little difference then I may as well charge them quicker.

    So any suggestions for charging voltage, amps and time?

    Also, the charger can do a discharge cycle first which is also configurable - any idea what I should set it to do?

    Many thanks for your help. I have had the car a week now and not got to use it because I couldnt work out how to correctly charge the batteries!!

    Thanks, Ian

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    I wouldn't use the discharge function. In series the batteries would be a 3800mah 16.8v pack. Charging them in series should be fine. Just make sure to charge the packs separately every once in a while to make sure they are somewhat balanced. Set the charger at 3.8 amps. You probably don't need the timer. Ideally you should charge them individually.
    This will TOTALLY work, saw a guy on YouTube do it

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    The only correct and safe way to charge those packs is one at a time.

    BTW, series connection adds voltage, not capacity (mAh).
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    Thanks for the info guys. I will give it a go.

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