I am taking my e-Jato to cape cod next month and wanted to make the ultimate sand jato. I have converted it to electric with a mamba monster 2 and castle 2200kv motor and 2 3s lipos running in series. The gearing is 24/36. I just stripped some gears so I just ordered a single speed kit. I have steel cv cvd's and various aluminum parts. Since the stock suspension makes the jato too low to the ground, I had to use 4 shocks in the rear with 2 springs on each shock because of how heavy it is and I only have 1/10 shocks and springs, and because I can't afford new shocks . The stock shocks were good with handling the weight but were too short. Now it has 2.75 inches of clearance in the rear and 3 inches in the front. It had trouble going over the little bumps in the sand before. I also have the airtronics MT-4 radio with the FHSS-4 reciever and the highest temp i've gotten (with the telemetry sensor) is 106F. The tires balloon too much to do a speed run to find out the top speed. Anyone know any good sand mods/parts and a cool body?