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    Question Question about receiver battery and paddle tires.

    I've got two questions:
    1) I need to replace my Tmaxx 3.3 receiver battery. It won't seem to hold a charge anymore. I am not sure what replacement to get. I searched on Ebay and the hump back type battery packs cost anywhere from $11.95 up to $25 and have ratings from 1100 to 1800mAh.
    I could use some recommendations on brands as well as mAh rating.

    2) I am heading to the Michigan sand dunes in a couple of weeks. I want to take up my Traxxas Tmaxx 3.3 and Traxxas Stampede. I am trying to determine what mods I may want to make for running on sand. Are paddle tires a good idea? If so, would I just put them on the back or front and back?


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    1)get as high a mah rating as you can, if you get a 1800mah pack, it will have a longer run time.
    I don't charge my RX packs at more then .6 amps, much more then that and they get hot, heat is their enemy.

    2)You can run either just rear paddles or all four paddles, it's up to you and wether you want to buy 2 or 4 tires & rims.
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