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    8 Flights on our Alias's

    Update... Me & My Soon to be Wife Love our Alias we have about 7-8 Flights on both of our quad copters... she pilots hers still pretty low to the ground 10-30 FT... I gotten a bit braver getting mine up to least Tree Level HI "FYI Trees are Very Distant & No Away to get into trees" I use them as my sighting guide as to how HI I am... Stock batteries are working well.. We are getting Decent Flight Times... My wife ordered ( 2 ) 900 MAH 3.7v 1C liops from they should be hear by Friday.. So that should greatly increase our Flight Times... We mainly Run our Quad Copters @ night @ the park after work the Alias looks so Awesome @ night time flights "Hers is GREEN & White LEDS & Mine is ORANGE & White LEDS" I run mine sometimes in the AM in the backyard wile having a coffee & before the wife wakes up I get a run in... The Alias is broken in pretty good I took notice the blade props spin a bit looser from brand new & controls on our quad copters are getting smoother & with a few charge cycles on the batteries already the Flight times has increased just a tad... Motors are working Flawless "NO PROBLEMS" ... SMOOTH LIFTOFFS & FAST TOO OFF THE GROUND WOW..... Movements are SMOOTH left / right / forward / back / 360 spins / hover .... We are still on beginner mode & plan to be for a little wile yet....
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