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    Question Is the QR-1 what people really say it is?

    Hey everybody,
    I've gotten into flying quadcopters lately, and I've been using this cheapy Chinese one that has been running OK (and the controller is actually a joy to use), but one of the props stopped working. But I was thinking since my bday is coming up soon, would it be worth it to ask for a QR-1? I'm debating because I looked at these forums and it seems like a lot of people hate them. So what do you guys think?
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    A lot of people hate them because they crashed them and broke them...Most of us QR-1 owners were first time flyers at the time of purchase so we crashed them and the motors blew and things became frustrating. I myself was frustrated at first but once I got the hang of flying quad-copters I bought another one (transmitter-less version) and as of now it's still running like new. Remember, these things can't take a beating so if you're not up to par at flying then be aware. Replacing motors on the QR-1 isn't friendly.

    If you're going to be flying indoors I would recommend this copter...if you're wanting to fly outside I would recommend the Alias quadcopter. Just my honest opinion.

    oh and by the way...the QR-1 is discontinued from what I've seen and heard.

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    My first quad-copter was the QR-1, and once I got used to it, I've enjoyed flying it indoors. My only complaint about the design is that the rotors are friction fitted on the motors. They pop off all too easily and disappear just as easily.

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