I talked a friend of mine at work who was wanting a good learning quad in to buying an Alias .

He got one, brought it to work, and I stayed over a little bit to give him a quick demonstration in the three different modes. It was dark out, and he got the blue one which are not so good for night flying, but just kept to the basics and kept it within a 100 feet or so. It took me a little bit to get use to after such a long time. I had forgot just how smooth and stable these little guys fly, and he seemed to be very happy with what he saw. Did some short circuits in expert, showed him the auto stunts in fast mode, and some basic hovering/moving around in beginner. He is going to love it once he gets going .

After flying brushless, I had some trouble getting use to its slower speed, but it brought back very fond memories of just how stress free flying these can be.