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    Brushless e-Revo Mamba Monster, Waterproofing? What motor/ESC?

    So I have an original Mamba Monster brushless e-Revo.

    I know now there is a waterproof version that is out, however I was hoping not to have to re-purchase the whole unit.

    What's the best plan of attack for replacing the existing motor and ESC on my truck?

    Is it just buying PN: 010-0108-01 from Castle? Mamba Monster 2 w/ NC1515-2200kV motor and swapping them out? Or are there other options?

    I've been searching, but haven't found too much recent info - or ideally a step by step guide on the swap and setup.

    Hoping to keep as much as possible from my existing truck, I like the controller and iphone setup, etc.

    Just looking to use the truck in rain, etc. Any help or pointers is much appreciated.

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    You could simply buy the new MXL-6S or the new MM2 ESC and swap them out. I don't think, not 100% sure tho, if there is anything different between the motors. If you sell your old Mamba Monster ESC, be sure to keep the mounting bracket as it will work with the new ESCs.
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    if i were you i'd do like i did and take the esc case apart and cover it with liquid elecrical tape.i put 3 coats and have had NO problems in like 4 or 5 years

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