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    NIMH charger for multiple battery packs?

    Charging nimh batteries.

    My three boys and I all have traxxas RC's, and I need to get a better system for charging. I have been getting some odd results with my chargers, so maybe someone can point me in the right direction. First off, my youngest ones have a grave digger and a mini-e-revo. They are both running on one battery, although both of these trucks can accomodate running two batteries.

    I leave the grave digger on training mode, and the mini e-revo is on normal. I use ONE battery pack in each, and I have a pair of duratrax 1600 and the traxxas 1200 MAH battery packs that get cycled thru those trucks. I'm completely satisfied (meaning the kids are not needing any more speed yet!) using these batteries, so I don't want to switch over to a lipo for them but I need a better charging routine for these nimh's.

    The chargers I have: onyx 245 and onyx 220. The 245 has 4 charge rates, .8, 1.5, 3.0, 5.0 amps. The 220 can go down very low in amps (.1 amp min i think), and I get the best results out of these battery packs by using a rate of .3 amps.

    I like the 245 charger as I can do two batteries at once, but using the .8 charge rate (lowest setting on the 245) seems to give me false full charges, where it seems like the battery completes the charge, but the battery voltage seems to be lower than it should be and the truck does not run for long before I hear "Daaaaad!" lol.

    Should I just get another onyx 220 charger, or is there a multiple battery charger that goes down really low (min charge rate).

    I have found the 220 to be a great charger (crummy user interface that takes a lot of getting used to) that seems to slow charge batteries very well, as I also have a Stampede vxl in the mix, and it has a onyx 5000 battery that I charge at .5 amps as I get a false charge completion on that battery also when used at .8 amps in the onyx 245 also.

    I primarily use the 245 to charge the lipos as my oldest son and I also have e-revo truck and that charger seems to work great for those packs.

    Long winded yes, but wanted to get all the info in there,


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    i can't remember the name but modelsport uk sell a charger that charges two at once, i have just ordered one and i only have nimh's so should be good any i will tell you if it is any good when i get it

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