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    3s lipo and gearing

    Im new to the 3s lipo. Can i keep the stock gearing with this and be good for bashing. the most i have gotten my motor up to is around 130 degrees or a little more. there is so much torque with the 3s throttle control plays a huge part but just wandering what the stock tooth is and if i should change it.

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    Stock is 11t in the vxl p4de. Its ok to use the 11t for bashing with 3s, just keep an eye on your temps. If they get to hot, try a 9t pinion
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    If you're getting around 130f on 3s stick with it and as said by hirschowl stock is 11t I ran mine between 11-13t when I had the vxl system but it only lasted 18 months before it gave out.....peace
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