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    LiPO in general question.

    1. What is the procedure for charging/discharging Lipo batteries?

    2. How do you figure out what the amp charge rate is for a battery?

    3. If I were to get two of these would they work on this charger or this charger and could they be charged simultaneously? What amperage would they be charged at? How long would it take them to charge? And could a single one of those batteries power a brushed E-Maxx by itself or do they have to be ran in series/paralell? What would the estimated run-time be?
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    The amp charge rate is the same as a NIMH 1amp per 1000mah, Yes the SPC batteries will work in the Brushed E-Maxx, The Onyx 245 can dual charge Lipos ,I don't if the Hyperion charger will dual charge, when you buy a charger it normally comes with a manual about how to charge/discharge Lipos.
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