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    CVD driveshaft breaking, HELP

    I recently upgraded my stock driveshafts to the traxxas steel CVD drive shaft. I brought it out for the first run today and suddenly the yoke connecting it to the bulkhead flew off. It got lost in the grass and I need help either finding a company that can sell me the yoke, or just a single metal drive shaft. I don't want to switch all four driveshafts because that could be quite expensive. Its hard to find a yoke for the this type of driveshaft. PLEASE HELP

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    do you mean these drive cups?

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    CVD driveshaft breaking, HELP

    Drive shafts don't connect to the bulk head so I am assuming you mean to the diff and are talking about the drive cups? But why would you want to buy this OR a single metal drive shaft?? Did you lose the driveshaft as well?
    You can buy the drive cups, or the extended ones to stop the shafts popping out, from eBay. You can also buy the single drive shafts from eBay. Search for Traxxas 5154.

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