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    New erevo brushless question about running in and other thing


    Just get a new Erevo brushless with waterproof esc.
    It stands that i must remove the fan before i use it in wet conditions, could it make trouble for other electronic parts on the car other than the fan if i suddently run into a little water?

    Manual says that i should break the truck in or run it in when it's new so the slipper clutch is factory adjusted for running in mode on maximum 4s lipo.
    When is the truck finished breaking in?
    Anything i should do or not do when im running it in on stock gear on 4s lipo?
    It hitting 30mph and i think it not hurt to run with full trottle because of the small gear and only 4s lipo?

    I want to mount the smaller spurt gear to get 40mph but i want to break it in before i do that..

    Good truck, only had time to run it for about 30 minutes

    Thanks for reply on my thread

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    When you remove your fan (get a temp gun) it mean you can play in the rain splash a few puddles drive through snow, not into a swimming pool or lake as risk of drowning something increases greatly.

    yes proper break in of the slipper clutch is important, after break in readjust the clutch and switch to 18/54 gearing you'll love it, 18 tooth little gear=pinion and 54 tooth big gear=spur gear!
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    Hi yes i dont want to run it in the water but it could run into water after it have rain..
    Do you know how long i must run before the slipper clutch is break in?
    I think maby the motor have 18t and i got a 54t gear in the box that i cant wait to try

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    I have run it now for about an hour.

    The clutch now screm for about 3 sec when i acclerate hard.
    Do it mean that is break in? How long do i have to run it before i could change the spurt gear?

    I wonder about the fan that is not waterproof, i run trough a paddle of water and get a few drop of water on the fan today.

    Could esc,motor and reciever short circuit or be destroyed if the fan get more water another time i run it? Or could it only broke the fan and the rest of electronic dosn't get hurt of this? Just thinking because the fan is connected to the reciever and everything is connected to it

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    you can put the 54 spur on any time just have to watch your temps IDK what batteries you are running, but you need a minimum of 120 amps.

    A temp gun is kind of a must have.....
    Hot motor + cool esc = under geared.
    Cool motor + hot esc = over geared
    Everything warm just right..

    Motor ~ 180/190*F (82/88*C) maximum, ideally 140/160*F (60/71*C), temps can be 10*F higher inside the motor
    ESC ~ pretty much same temps / Fan comes on @ 150*F (65*C)
    The MXL-6S / MM2 fan runs non-stop, also should be taken off when driving in wet conditions.
    Lipo's ~ 140*F (60*C) max, ideally 100/120*F (38/49*C).........

    As for the slipper it needs to be tighten up a little, 3 seconds is a lot of slip.

    Slipper Clutch Break-In
    The E-Revo Brushless Editionís slipper clutch requires a break-in procedure
    to ensure consistent operation with the extremely high power output of
    the included Castle Creations Mamba Monster brushless motor system. The
    slipper clutch has been adjusted to the correct initial setting for break-in.
    Follow these steps to ensure maximum performance and life from your
    slipper clutch:
    1. Make your first runs with the model using the stock gearing and 6- or
    7-cell NiMH packs, or 2S LiPo packs.
    2. Drive normally. The slipper clutch should slip momentarily when
    accelerating aggressively on high-traction surfaces (you will hear a
    whirring sound when the slipper clutch allows the spur gear to slip).
    3. If excessive slippage is noticed (slipping that lasts for more than 3
    seconds under hard acceleration), or the slipper clutch slips anytime
    the throttle is applied at any lever, stop driving immediately. Let the
    slipper clutch cool for 10-15 minutes. When the clutch is cool, test-drive
    the vehicle again. If you still experience excessive slippage, allow the
    slipper to cool once more, then tighten the slipper nut ľ turn (turn the
    nut clockwise) and repeat the break-in process. Do not adjust the slipper
    clutch before it has cooled.
    4. Continue to run the vehicle and monitor slipper clutch performance as
    noted above, and readjust if necessary. When the run is complete, the
    slipper should be fully broken in.
    After break-in, the slipper clutch is ready for any type of driving, with any
    batteries up to 6S Lipo. Set the slipper clutch so it only slips for a moment
    (if at all) under hard acceleration in high-traction conditions. If excessive
    slippage is noticed, stop driving immediately. Continuing to drive with a
    loose slipper will cause damage to the slipper unit. You must let the slipper
    cool down to ambient temperature before tightening the slipper nut and
    resuming driving.

    as for the ESC fan yes it needs to be removed when running in wet condition. The Motor and ESC are water resistant so bit of water is ok but it is not a boat.
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    Thank you for a lot of good information.
    Yes i would never soak it, i run in dry conditions but after a day with rain it could run trough a paddle, trying to avoid it but it could happen one time of a battery pack..

    Got a few drop of water on my fan earlier today, do anyone know if it could destroy more than the fan if it got wet?
    Since it connected to the reciever then it get contact with all the electronic component on the truck, could it short sircuit/water from fan destroy other electronic since they all are connected to the reciever or is it not possible?

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    Today I hit a curb with the car for about 30km/15-20mph I saw no edge because I stood on the other side of the road and it looked like a mudflap I would jump on. It was hide one single curb that i hit on the bottom of the front skid, i only get a deep mark into the bottom of the skidplate where it is curved before it goes under the car.
    It was a very loud noice when it hit the curb and i though i maby break something but nothing seems to happen!

    It could impossible been good for the truck, just strange that nothing broke.
    Is the truck designed to accept big bang and not propagate the problems?
    Must skid plate or diff box / front bulkhead be broken before the chassis could take damage?

    Im impressed, it seems to be a tank of a rc car

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