Anyone has experience with this servo? I would like to mount it in my one erevo. Any opinions, suggestions? Below parameters

Corona BL-6168 Digital Brushless Metal Gear Servo 25kg/ 63.8g/ 0.18sec

Model: BL-6168
Operating Voltage: 4.8V / 6.0V
Operating Current: 200mA / 300mA
Operating Speed: 0.18sec.60/ 0.14sec.60
Stall Torque: 25kg.cm / 32kg.cm
Size: 37x21x41mm(1.48"x0.8"x1.5")
Weight: 63.8g
Dead Band: ≤3uSec
Operating Travel: 40
Potentiometer: 2 Slider/Direct Drive
Ball bearing: MR106 (High Precision)
Gear: Metal
Connector wire: 300mm
Operating Temperature Range: -20? - +70?

In my second erevo I have DS1015 servo, but now I would like buy something cheaper.

Thank you.