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Thread: Lipo swelling

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    Lipo swelling

    I was off-roading today in 90 F + heat, and after 15-20 mins I brought my E-Revo Brushless in and felt the motor. It was quite hot, and upon taking the 2s lipos out they were both quite hot as well. Very unusual, they usually run cool even when it's this hot out. I checked for swelling and one was very swollen, whilst the other just a bit swollen. Now, after an hour, neither are swollen. Not at all. I assume they are both damaged, and shouldn't be charged.

    What should I do with them as far as storage? I don't want them burning my house down, or harming me or one of my family/friends (exploding). They aren't Traxxas batteries. Just curious as to what I should do.
    Note: They are 2s Thunder Power lipos, hardpacks, 4 months old and used/charged properly.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Best to use your best judgement and contact the manufacturer for support of their product.
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